Samhwaryung Gallery

yesterday i had the most wonderful experience in seoul.

strolling around the area near insadong, i found a poster of a laquerware exhibition in front of a rustic teahouse.

inside, there were a middle aged couple chatting with the lady of the teahouse over a few cups of tea, and i helped myself looking around.

when i was about to leave, the lady beckoned me and said, come sit down for some tea.

i did, and i enjoyed the tea (nok-cha and mesil-cha), as much as the chance encounter with this korean company.

language was never a problem, for english, plenty of gestures and smiles, and some hasty scribbles of faulty hangu-jeo and chinese characters would suffice.

the least expected turn, however, was when the lady shared with me a pot of tog guk (mussels rice cake soup), we started chatting and all of a sudden we realised that our common language was spanish!

the lady longs to travel to south america one day; i told her of my fascination for all spanish-speaking places. we talked some more, until the arrival of bunch of guests.

the lady busied herself catering for the guests, i offered to be her assistant and served tea with some shivery survival-hangu-for-waiters. (all my blunders must have been forgiven because the guests were told i was just a tourist helping out.)

by the time i left, night has fallen, and we ended the wonderful encouter with a hearty hug – another universal language of love.

이 머 애 , 노 부 캅 자 찹 닐 다 !

*     *     *     *     *     *     *
Photo taken at 삼 차 륭 가 개 기 三花嶺 Sam Hwa Ryung Gallery in Songro-gu, Seoul.

Any thoughts?

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