melbourne is a lovely place for people watching.
all the lovely people make this city so happening and engaging.

my impression of a melburnian (girl) goes like this:
she has daring hair colour(s), bright red lips,
flowery dress, black stockings and nice shoes.

if such an impression represents the city itself,
all these colours reflect just as well the energy and the character of melbourne.

and where else can you find a better place to sample all the colours
than in the brighton beach with a whole stretch of bath houses lined up?
go see it yourself one day, you’ll be mesmerised,
and you might be tempted to paint one yourself.

within the greater melbourne city, you can find other wonderful suburbs,
also with colours galore.

fitzroy is like a rebellious cousin of this lovely young lady of melbourne.
with street art, fun boutiques and many unexpected things just around the corner,
he is screaming to be discovered.

south yarra is a more refined cousin oozing with taste,
a little more mature and well-heeled, I should say.

south melbourne is like the endearing aunt or uncle next door,
passionate about food, eager to stuff you with the catch or the crop of the day,
simplest, freshest.

nice meeting you, melbourne, and I hope to see you again soon!

*     *     *     *     *     *     *
Photo taken in Melbourne CBD, Australia.

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