the name new zealand evokes blues and greens
from the clear sky and rolling fields
white too, maybe the clouds, and maybe the sheep. but tongariro?
i know of it because of you.

i never sounded too excited about hiking: the ups and downs
and the feeling of not knowing where
the next bend leads, when the whole tour ends,
but it’s all because of you.

we did a prep walk one day ahead,
we packed water, six sandwiches in bag,
extra clothes for the ascend,
i wasn’t sure if it’s all because of you.

so i was set not long after sunrise,
the driver greeted us g’day and we started the ride,
everyone looked bright and sunnyshiny but me,
i would’ve chickened out if it weren’t because of you.

the trail head treated me fairly well,
all the long grass and biggie hills,
i felt a little bit more assured,
it must be because of you.

but the rough bits rolled in –
first the river dip, wet socks, pebble heaps,
then the steep climb up the cliff,
why am i here, if not because of you?

i grew grumpy as i slacked behind,
you should know from my silence and how i avoided your eyes,
until the stunning red crater appeared under the cloudless sky…
there, and then, perhaps it’s not just because of you.

i felt both elated and defeated
overcome by nature, i sat staring in awe,
also disgruntled by the fuss of it all.
i whispered thanks to you in secret: it’s all because of you.

the trail went on a bit more,
once there’s a momentum, there wasn’t a problem at all,
whereas the route downhill was a bit of a bore,
but i was glad i made it there, just because of you.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *
photo courtesy of bernard, taken in waitomo, new zealand.

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