a taxi driver is more than a job or an occupation.
it shouldn’t define who they are, but rather,
gives them chances to hit the road,
meet people and tell their stories.

in canada, an impressive multi-tasker, super-achiever drove
to peace his mind busied by advanced mathematics, music,
and deep thoughts beyond our command.
his sonorous laugh accompanied two tiny backpackers to the mountains.

in melbourne, though, we met a rather lowly driver of our “kin”.
thinking we were fellow “chinese”, he was too kind to forget to start the metre,
there when discovered, he offered a “discounted” price to us travellers.
weren’t we too grateful to just give him no more than asked, if not less?

determined not to lose faith on the trusty partners on wheels,
we hopped on a cab to te papa in wellington.
what more can we ask for than a merry man who says “lovely lovely”
to whatever he hears, and whoever he meets?

he referred us to his buddy to take us to the airport that day,
this fella from samoa who calls new zealand home.
his final tip to his passenger next to him:
treat your lady well; when she is happy, you double the happy!

so no matter how street-wise and un-rushed we are,
or until the day we both can drive.
we will still venture a little bit on these cabs of all colours
to navigate the cities and meet these people who will tell their stories.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *
photo courtesy of bernard, taken in waitomo, new zealand.

Any thoughts?

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