what is a sense of place?
where? how?
i’m not that good with maps
so i stand firm on the ground.
at times it’s a bit of a whirling daze
from place to place, here and there.
especially after a long-haul plane
my sense of place and time go haywire.
it is not necessarily defined
by where and how long you stayed;
essentially though it’s how you negotiate
between who you are, whom you meet, where you land.
having lived a quarter of a century, and a tad bit more,
there’re still countless places to explore.
but everywhere i chanced upon, whoe’er i got to see,
i’m grateful, for whichever time or reason that’d come to be.
so a sense of place, i gather, has a lot to do with each other.
it’s you, or probably you, whom i met, (or not just yet)
that shaped the way we are.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *
photo courtesy of bernard, taken in waitomo, new zealand.

One thought on “NaPoWriMo 10: Sense of Place

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