there are babies galore this year
it happens when you reach a certain age,
cousins cousins, “never removed”,
means lots more names to be named.

so much depends on that word carried for life,
like the toughest scrabble, you’ve got to get it right!
my cousin has always wanted a baby girl audrey,
oh imagine frail and strong, playful and grace combined.

while i have yet the plan to make a babe any soon,
i do once in a while picture who would come to be.
i admit, i’m biased towards pink fluffs and baby girls,
the tops are lucy, meredith, evelyn – in short evie.

boys’? you ask, well hard to say…
i’d love a sunny shiny dominic, if there has to be one,
nothing stuck up, nothing high strung,
when it gets real, the naming game would be fun!

girls alike, my friends had a girly talk with me,
their love for poets’ names show their poet streaks.
we gathered the names of the poets we loved,
there’s a list! and we’re chuffed!

it makes no sense to name after shakespeare, chaucer, homer,
for who can compare to the bards?
a friend would fall for auden, and so would i,
another swoons o’er byron, not sure if it’s fit for a decent guy!

then i asked my beau what’s the name in his mind,
when i started this grand (gasp) topic of future child.
he chuckled and said, as a fan of the lord of the rings
he’d fancy an elvish name – if not all too wild!

*     *     *     *     *     *     *
photo courtesy of bernard, taken in waitomo, new zealand.

Any thoughts?

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