today, a prayer for you, little one;
i’m a just a stranger, compared to your family.
your family is doing a great job, and so are you.
you are a beautiful angel, please know that,
and remember when you smile, laugh, moan,
your mother is here; here to comfort you,
soothe you, love you, hide her worries from you.
you are one little angel born under the prettiest
of starry skies. the stars looked upon you gently
when you sounded your first cry, stronger
than ever. ever wondered why you have
these petite little fingers, pretty little eyes,
sweet little smile? smile, whenever you have
your family around, whenever you think of
the stars looking upon you. you are special,
in the most marvellous way.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *
photo courtesy of bernard, taken in waitomo, new zealand.

Any thoughts?

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