April has been a poetic month! Look how gloriously the poetic-at-heart have created!

Up and coming, the Days of May has got to be filled with music. So here, I will commence a new project of the month, writing weekly on “foreground music”.

The idea came about when I was watching the movie “Liberal Arts”. The leading character said everything looks more enchanting if you play operatic music in the background, they will all look friendlier and glow.

I would agree. In fact, I used to put on my earphones and create a peace centre in the office with pieces by Mozart and Chopin, occasionally trying Tchaikovsky and Mendelssohn; if it’s really a mad house that day, Rachmaninoff and Holst would do the magic.

It kept me sane, if not bringing the Zen calmness. (Excuse me for using all these terms loosely.)

In the next five weeks, (this half-week inclusive), I will attempt to re-create little scenes that I see, or imagine, when I’m playing some well-known tunes on my earphone, wandering in the street, commuting on trains (which we call MTR), stay stuck in a queue, watching people jostle their way through. Or I might just borrow good examples available.

Simply put, I want to catch moments that we might so easily miss. I want to add some friendliness and glow to the city that bustle by.

Any thoughts?

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