i probably don’t need to write a personal ad.
for i am complete. i have a family, i have a best friend,
and many other friends who bring me joy and inspirations.
together they support me, guide me, love me, smile at me and laugh with me.
i am complete. when i am not, i would go on a search if circumstances allow.
i go for a walk to think things through, if i’m fortunate, i travel. but instead of
a personal ad that leads me to something, somewhere, someone,
let’s say, i am writing a note of thanks to all the people i have met,
all the places i have been; and those i have yet to encounter,
but will be looking forward to earnestly.
i am grateful to have this chance
to be grateful, to say thank-you
in writing, in person.

this is complete.

[personal ad note of gratitude starting and ending with the same word]

One thought on “NaPoWriMo 30: Complete

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