Experience lost.
Innocence found.

I got to learn a little about childcare and its philosophy behind through participating in a playgroup. Whenever a child throws tantrum, refuses to co-operate, or makes mischief, it is in a way a label from the perspective of an adult.

Say, when a child chooses to be an “outlier”, it is his/her way of saying that s/he is not ready for a certain group time. But none of the kids would stay outlying all through any session. Eventually s/he would return to the group either because s/he has had a fair share of lone time, and/or that s/he misses the fun.

And you guessed it, there is really not much to credit corporal punishment. It is observed that every kid who goes about hitting others when things is out of his/her way, s/he must have be slapped in the palm or bottom, or received a certain degree of physical punishment. it only proves the vice of this method, albeit the very traditional Asian-style disciplining. You teach by example, more than you rule with terror.

It is, instead, important to let the terrible 2-3 to be as terrible, troublesome and terrifying can be, for this is the terrific, critical phase for one to develop self, the concept of “me”, ego, self-respect and confidence, and eventually the same measure of respect and trust for others.

On the other hand, routine is of utmost importance. Everything follows the exact same routine every day: circle time for nursery rhymes, studio session for gym, library time for toys and books, art time for messy doodling, and then snack time; always starting with good morning every one, and end with good bye every one, to each and every kid and teacher.

Children know no boredom. Boredom is an adult concept. Children love stability, they love to know what to expect.

This, is a big lesson, which makes me wonder… Since when did I learn “boredom”? Have I grown boring since?

Any thoughts?

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