Connection with world lost.
Re-connection with self found.

I had the privilege to meet and spend time with an extraordinary child in the previous trial session at a playgroup.

Within one hour, I saw his loveable character and amazing talent shine through. At the mere age of three years old, he is capable of reciting a book of Thomas the Train, albeit his blurry mumble, from memory. It is achieved without any formal training, just from reading three days a week. This is ahead of his age.

He is also extremely amicable, such that with a stranger like me, he is willing to share his beloved Thomas Train Track, top it with a heart-melting smile.

That said, he is diagnosed with autism, and the headmistress disagrees with this clear-cut, cold clinical diagnosis, as if the a-word is an instant death-sentence.

If autism comes in a whole spectrum like icebergs can be of different sizes, let’s not forget that the negative side is literally just the tip of the iceberg. What lie beneath, are the unfathomable talents and potentials.

I rejoice at the moment when he looked into my eyes and waved me goodbye. I look forward to exploring more possibilities with this inspiring child.

Any thoughts?

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