Celebrating the New Year of the Horse, I wish everyone, especially those I hold close to, good health, happiness and a lot of inspirations.

A dear friend said that people rarely wish one another inspirations galore, and yet it should be one of the most important things to wish for. This willow-a-wisp kind of thing refreshes us. It drives us further and helps us create better things.

But then, health comes first.

Especially when things catch us off guard and knock us off the usual grid. Only then can we put things in perspective. As it always should be.

Health, and those we hold close to, the ones whom we love.

So, let me once again wish everyone a blessed new year. Even though, blessings sometimes come in disguise.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

Photo courtesy of Bernard, taken in Japan.

Any thoughts?

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