I dedicate this post to a very special child whom I play with.

You see, now I am working as an assistant facilitator in a playgroup. For me, playing with them is my work. For the children, playing is also their work, if work should ever be something prescribed to little ones so young their age.

In the playgroup, I learn.

I learn from their spontaneity and unpredictability. I learn from Murphy’s Law. I learn to let go of logic and surrender to the heart. I learn to question what I have been taught. I learn to refrain from teaching.

Today, one dear girl slapped one dear boy in the face, then she hugged and kissed the traumatised boy right next second.

Shock and anger would usually take over. But another lesson learnt: don’t react, don’t let emotions well over. Meet the situations and the needs.

I am not sure if I have met the two children’s needs. But before we adults know it, they move on. They play. No blame. No grudge.

And I learn. To let go of logic. To listen to the heart. To let go. To listen.

Extra lesson and after thought: Next time when things like this happens, stay calm, be assertive. Hold both little hands of the child and look into the little eyes. Tell him/her what it is that he/she should do.

There, the person would get the message, not “Don’t!”, “No!”, “Bad!” in capital-letter-yelling.

Children can understand. Children feel you.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Photo courtesy of Bernard, taken in Discovery Bay, Hong Kong.

Any thoughts?

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