I teach kiddies Spanish on Saturdays.

More accurately, I am the teaching assistant who helps out in class, and most of the time the kiddies are least concerned with the Spanish language we are trying to deliver.

In all honesty, my hefty duties would include: guiding their wandering feet and astray minds back to their seats, unpacking their backs, picking up their jackets, dissuading them from doodling, coaxing them use a ruler to draw nice, straight lines…

In all honesty, I love my job to the nitty gritty bits. But above all, I enjoy the little things that the children give back.

A month ago, we had 4 newbies in class. They were a couple of years older than our current students, so I was a little wary if they’d fit in.

To my relief, after the first half of the lesson they already started mingling; not only with their peers, but also with me – their wee teacher.

During break time, one of the boys showed me his recent favourite read – a cartoon-illustrated introduction to microscopic organisms.

Wow! I didn’t expect that! But boy, I’m honoured that you’re sharing with me, so let’s see…

Keen to showcase the chapter that he found most interesting, he tried to explain to me, based on what he’s learnt from the book, how to dissect an earthworm and inspect its cross-section under the microscope…

That’s a nice start, I mused.

The following week got even better. The well-read boy dedicated his 30-minute break introducing me to the full Chronicles of Narnia, and even offered to give me his treasured Book One.

Can I be more bashful, as an English major, to confess that I have only watched the movie rendition of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe?

So yesterday, we caught up a bit more. He told me proudly about his new-found passion for the Harry Potter series. Out of the blue, he said I must be Hermione. I told him I, too, enjoyed this series.

What I didn’t mention, was that I first read the same book 13 years ago… and he wasn’t even born yet!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Photo taken in Pueblo Español, Barcelona, Spain.

Any thoughts?

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