Welcome, and thank you for visiting.

You’ve found someone who works with words,
based in Vancouver, keen on travelling,
believes that “one’s destination is never a place
but a new way of seeing things,”

aspires to attain the ideal of
“what being human
is about having fire, flair
and a holy spark of inspiration.”

If you would like to contact me,
kindly please write an email to
Enjoy reading, and stay inspired!

2 thoughts on “About CeciliaWrites

  1. Hi! this is the girl who r working at outfits shop in 삼청동!!hh
    It was great meeting you yesterday.
    We all hope you buys got Hong Kong safely n had great time during Korean traveling.
    I will enjoy your writing^^
    I love traveling, especially finding beatiful things that u never seen,also meeting new peaple who u never expected to meet.
    Anyway, it was very very nice to meeting you guys!!
    Keep in touch!!


    • Dear Haruna,

      Thank you for your kind words! It was nice meet you in Samchong-dong indeed! What a lovely little boutique, and a lovely little chat!
      We have just arrived Hong Kong, but we will be off for another adventure soon.
      Wish we could have spent more time in Korea, and surely looking forward to visit again.
      Take care! See you till next, wherever it may be!


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